Cégközpontunkban bemutatjuk BARCO és YAMAHA HIGH-END videókonferencia eszközeinket és nagyméretű, 136 " LEDFAL meeting room megjelenítőinket. LEDFALAK bérbeadása  rendezvényekre.
OverView O series LED video walls

Barco's OverView O series of LED video walls are the most advanced video walls on the market today. They feature ultimate redundancy of all critical components, not only of the LEDs and the individual LED drivers, but also of the inputs. In this way, there is no single point of failure, guaranteeing uptime.

Furthermore, with the Overview O series Barco tackled some of the biggest issues in video wall design today, allowing these video walls to be used in 24/7 critical applications. Solving overheating of LEDs, color imbalance, and screen size restrictions, these video walls now have the coolest engine, the warmest colors and the brightest display in the market.

By introducing 3rd generation LEDs, Barco's LED video walls now produce 33% extra brightness, making them the brightest on the market today. What's more, when operating at today's standard brightness levels, the LEDs consume 33% less power.